My Flat
All Information of Login member stored at one place!!
  • Open for all members of society
  • Admin provides change password facility to all members
  • Make your own folder by uploading documents or images and show this all documents into My documents folder
  • All information stored at one place ,Unlimited Storage available
  • This becomes your Society's Back office storage area for All Flats
  • Every society members see only there receive mail send from other society members
  • It Preview mail such as Date, who send mail and attachments
  • Everyone have rights to send email so they can send mail to anyone such as all owner, all Tenant, Building A etc
  • Access Inbox directly from My flat Tab
Notice Board
Add online Notices here to reach everyone!!
  • Notices can be posted to everyone, only owner, only tenant, owner who lives here, Committee Member or particular building in the Society
  • Notices can be added Only by Admin, Committee member, Office bearer or customize user
  • Other members don’t have rights to add Notices
  • Admin can add notices which are visible only to Committee members or to all
  • Everyone views notices which are added for them by Admin, Committee or customize user
  • Documents and images can be attached with notices
  • All members easily identify Subject ,Date ,Name of member who add notice and also view attachment from notice table
  • Only member who add notice and admin have rights to delete/edit Notice
Event Calendar
Add online Events here!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Events due on a certain day can be viewed by clicking on that date in the calendar
  • Events can be added by Everyone
  • Everyone view events on calendar
  • All members easily identify Event name ,Date and Name of member who add Event
  • Event added and Updated Mail send to users only whom which are selected in send to of Add Event
  • All members will get instant access to Events from Residents Tab
Photo Gallery
Collection of Photos!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Add and Upload multiple photos into the gallery at one time
  • Gallery photos accessible to the all members of society there is no more need to upload photos in public photo sharing sites
Instant Poll
Conduct online voting for any topics, issues or elections!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Only Admin, Committee member and Office bearer can Add poll
  • Owners and Tenants have no rights to add poll
  • Create polls with multiple options to be voted and Choose the set of eligible voters - all, only federal committee, only building A and so on
  • Poll Option to restrict 1 vote per flat or 1 vote per person for every poll
  • Schedule polling date range with poll end date - poll will be show in active poll before end date else in old poll
  • Active Poll voting results visible to a member after he has voted and rated that poll with percent and calculate total votes
  • Only the person who create the poll and Admin can delete that poll
  • Mail and SMS send to only target audience
  • Members will get instant access to vote for Active poll from Residents Tab
Discussion on any topic here!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Post Online Forum and Comments in Organized manner
  • Member can easily identify Author name of Post Forum and Date of Post forum
  • Conversations can be made visible to all Members of society and they can also reply for that conversation
  • Post forum include text formatting and images also
  • Eliminates the need of Google/Yahoo as all discussion are stored at only one central place
  • All members will get instant access to all past discussions of Posted forums
  • Login User who added forum have rights to delete/edit posted forum and Admin have also rights to delete that forum
  • Posted Forums will use for Future Reference
  • Everyone get mail after posted forum
  • All members will get instant access to Forums from Residents Tab
Members Achievement
Recognize society Member on portal for his / her achievement!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Achievements can be added by Everyone
  • "Achievements" can be viewed by all society members
  • Achievements can be delete by Only who added achievement and Admin
  • Access Achievement directly from Residents Tab
Vendor List
Find all Vendors at one place!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • All members views list of all vendors
  • List of common service providers with quality of service
  • Vendor only add/delete by Admin, Committee member and Customize user
  • Helps any new society member to settle down with a single click!
  • All members will get instant access to Vendor list from My flat tab
Buy, Sale and Advertise Classifieds!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Society Owners can reach out to the world when trying to Buy/sell their flats and Search for special offers/services or offering services
  • Classifieds add and display to everyone but delete only by who added and Admin
  • Search for offers from trusted network of other society owners
  • Classifieds display with Date and Price and Search by Purpose and category
  • All members will get instant access to Classified from My flat tab
Instant Member Search
Find out member information instantly!!
  • Open for all society Members
  • Member can check basic information of other society member by using search box
  • It search members Basic information includes Photo, Emergency contact information, Family information, Parking information, Tenant information
  • You can search members from anywhere
  • This information is very useful at time of emergency
Complaint Box
Unsatisfactory statements collection at one place!!
  • Open for all society Members
  • Members of society can raise Requests, Complaints, ask for Suggestions to the admin, committee member or office bearer
  • Members can raise complaints related to their flats (personal complaints) or common areas (community complaints) of society
  • Members easily identify Complaints name ,Date, Assign to Name and status of complaints
  • Owner only identify their own added and assigned complaints they cannot see others added and assigned complaints
  • Only Admin and Office bearer have rights to Assign that complaints to other members to solve
  • Status change for complaints
  • Members can add more comments to the complaint/suggestions
  • Complaint Delete only by who added
  • Added and Update complaints mail and SMS send to only whom to assign that complaint
  • Access Complaints directly from My flat Tab
Document Repository
Repository of all Admin, User and Common Documents!!
  • Open for all members of society
  • Store all Upload files, Photos , Reference documents, Society documents at one place
  • In Documents user can be create folders and stored documents into folders also create albums for photos
  • Documents have three different types-Admin, User, Common Documents
  • Everyone Upload documents in only User Documents
  • Common documents only uploaded/rename and delete by Admin and Committee members which are Society documents
  • Tenant and Owner have no rights to upload an common documents
  • Admin documents only uploaded by admin user
  • Access User Documents directly from My flat Tab
Meeting Tracking
Arrange meeting in organized manner!!
  • Open for Admin and Committee members only
  • Meeting Organizers can reschedule/cancel meetings, update list of Attendees
  • Members can see all the meetings for which they have been invited
  • Members can see all the mails and SMS for which they have been invited
  • Total Preview of meeting
  • Access Meetings directly from Residents Tab
User Management
Mange all users information!!
  • Open for only Admin of society
  • It display all user information reports like Basic info, Tenant info, Parking info, Family info etc
  • All residents accounts can be added, approved, deactivated by Admin only
  • Managing all society members data like Basic info ,Family info ,Tenant info etc
  • Admin can customize user and give rights to specific user to add notice, meeting, poll and vendor
  • Committee add/edit/delete by only Admin
  • Only Admin have rights to Activate email for society members for registration of society
  • Access User Management directly from Admin Tab
Member Contact List
Maintain contacts for everyone in society!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • All members can contribute to the list - only Admin can delete it
  • Contact list Help the new members of society to settle down quickly
  • Access Information directly from Residents Tab
Committee Member List
Maintain committee list for everyone in society!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Maintain contacts of frequently used members who are Committee head, Committee member, Building Treasurer, Building Secretary , Building Chairman, Federal Treasurer, Federal Secretary, Federal Chairman, President, Vice President and so on
  • Committee list display to everyone and add/edit/delete only by Admin
  • Ability to search Committee by committee name in change committee
  • Access Information directly from Residents Tab
Tenant Register
Storage of Tenant information!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Only Admin can check Tenant Report
  • Tenant register shows Flat wise Tenant information like Tenant Name, Owner of flat, Flat no, Tenant permanent Address, Email ID, Date of joining society, Police verification completed or not and Contact No.
  • Tenant can edit Tenant Information from edit profile
  • Access Information directly from Residents Tab
Parking Register
Park your vehicle in your parking space only!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Only Admin can check Parking report of others
  • Maintain parking information of all members in the society - such as Owner name, Parking no, Vehicle no and Flat no for easy identification
  • Edit parking information from edit profile
  • Easily identify flats having more vehicles than the parking lots they own
  • Security supervisors can be given access to the Vehicle and Parking Lot directory
Society Rules and Procedures
Society Rules and Procedures by law!!
  • Open For all members of society
  • Rules/Procedure add/edit/delete by only Admin and Committee members only
  • Society Rules/Procedure display to all members of society
  • Access Information directly from My Flat Tab
Income Tracker
Income of member and non-member!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Income tracker supports Different Society Categories like 2BHK,3BHK,Penthouse flats maintenance and periodic maintenance-set charges differently
  • Invoice can be raise for Rent for Hall or Open space area, Transfer Premium, non-residents income etc
  • Multiple Charges under different heads can be combined into one invoice and then raised
  • Admin can add new Income Heads
  • Easy posting of Amount Collected, with generation of e-receipt which can be send by email, simple text message or print
  • Cheque payment only get reflected after payment get approve by admin
  • Members can enter payments in the system OR admin can update the payments on members behalf
  • Admin can approve a payment or reject a payment entered by the members
  • Advance payment and Partial payment can be done easily
  • Admin can add discount if member paying in Advanced and Discount can be in fixed amount or in percent
  • Interest on payment simply automated calculated
  • Receipts of deposits configured for all Members of society and send it by mail also
  • Select and send email/SMS reminders to defaulters on the payments to be made
Expense Tracker
Check your society spending!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Selection of Cash/Bank account given when pay for expenses
  • Enter Bills provided by Suppliers, Track payments made against each bill, along with service tax paid and TDS deducted
  • Integrated with Bank & Cash accounts - expenses seamlessly reflect in the bank or cash account statements - reconcile with ease
  • Print the expense reports by single click
  • Outstanding dues against supplier is available
  • Multiple Invoices against supplier can be raise
Bank & Cash Book
Make every Transaction effortlessly!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Create and configure Bank Accounts and Cash accounts of society - current, fixed deposits, and cash accounts
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income and Expense - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Cash book
  • Track all member income, non-member income and expenses against the bank and cash accounts
  • Bank passbook shows total bank balance with Opening balance, Bank deposits and Bank withdraws
  • Cash book shows total cash in hand with Opening balance, cash deposits and cash withdraws
  • Check Bank and Cash balance position by single click
Auto Bill Generation
Automatically Generate bill of all members!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • On click generates bill and mailed it for each flat of society
  • Admin can configure billing period and due date
  • Bill amount can get vary as per Area, 1 BHK,2BHK, 3BHK, Penthouse, Serviced apartments and set charges differently And Add Service tax amount in bill
  • Supports different Apartment Categories like 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, Penthouse, Serviced apartments and set charges differently
  • Automatically Calculate penalty on previous due amount
  • Get SMS alert of bill generation
  • Generate and print bill by single click
Auto Penalty Calculation
After due date add penalty automatically!!
  • Open for Admin only
  • Payment after due dates can automatically calculated extra charges, It is penalty for society members
  • Members get sms / emails of reminders for payments before due date
  • Examples of penalty scheme- Type 1 : Late Fee % of Previous Balance(After Due date) Type 2 : Late Fee Fixed(After Due Date)
Payment Reminders
Remind members about payment / due date by E-mail / SMS!!
  • It automatically schedule simple text /mails reminders and send it to All, Committee members, Group of members and only to one member of society
  • Payment reminder remind member or group of members by mails/ simple text before one or three day of payment due date and the day of payment due date
  • Maintain data of all members like Contact no, Email ID for purpose of sending reminders of payment before due date or after due date
Income Expenditure Report
Financial Information that Identifies Income and Expenses
  • Income and Expense Report is a calculation and Reporting of society Income and Expense Transactions
  • Income and Expense report type is used to analyze the in and out cash flows
All Bye-laws report
Rule or law established by an organization or community to regulate itself
Email / SMS Broadcast
Get alerts of society activity and payments!!
  • Get SMS / Email alerts on posting Notice, Event, Complaints
  • Broadcast E-mails to all society members, one building, Committee Members or particular flat member through society portal
  • Configure SMS alerts as you needed
  • Get Payment reminders through Email / SMS alerts
  • Auto send bill / payment receipt through Email with SMS alert
  • SMS can be sent to members even if they are registered under DnD Registry
  • All the messages are sent to DnD numbers in predefined format
Payment Gateway
Pay Bill Online and reduce efforts!!
  • Society Member can pay their maintenance dues online through payment gateway provided by SocietyRun
  • Payments can be made via Credit Card / Debit Card
  • Transaction charges 1.16% for debit card and 2.2% for Credit Card are applicable
  • After payment instant E-Receipt is generated and dues get cleared off
  • Payment gets routed to associated bank directly within 24hrs
  • We are providing sophisticated Payment gateway tools for risk management and fraud detection to ensure your payment is safe and secure
Premium Support
Get your query solved within a minute!!
  • Premium support before deployment and after deployment
  • For Pune and Mumbai Onsite training is available
  • 24 * 7 on call support available
  • Office bearer / Manager Service available in Pune
  • Audit service is available at the end of year from government authorized auditor
  • Collection of society member contact details, maintenance charges, receipt and vouchers, Cash / Cheque deposit in bank, Water / Elect bill payment , MOM / AGM etc services also provided in Pune area